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Come Visit the Independence Museum!

Independence Junior High School is proud to welcome back the Independence Museum this Tuesday, February 3rd from 6:00 - 7:00PM in the Independence gym!

Over the past few weeks, our 7th grade students, through their Social Studies classes, have been researching familial items and identifying their historical significance. At the Independence Museum, these students will be showcasing these items through keynote, iMovie, or poster board presentations and answering any questions.

At each individual exhibit, our students will be prepared to inform and educate our guests on the time period or event in which their artifact came from. As we learn not only about American and World History, we will also get a glimpse into our own personal history as we learn where such artifacts came from and how they came into our own possessions.

All family members are welcome to attend. While all 7th graders are asked to use the cafeteria doors to meet Mr. Mahoney and Mr. Janotta in the MPR with their museum items by 5:45, the Independence doors open to the public at 6:00PM.

Winter MAP Testing scheduled to begin

IJHS will begin our Winter MAP tests next week! Our testing window is from Tuesday, January 20 through Friday, January 30. This winter benchmark helps inform students and staff of the progress they have made thus far in the year. This data also is used to help organize new PowerHour groups for the coming semester as we continue to provide our students with the necessary supports for their academic achievement.

Our testing schedule is as follows:
Jan. 20-21: Reading Test
Jan. 22-23: Math Test
Jan. 26-27: Language Usage Test
Jan. 28-30: Make up testing

Please encourage your child to get a good night's rest and have a healthy breakfast during the upcoming testing window! Thank you for your continued support.

Tech Club Postponed

Independence Junior High has postponed the start of Tech Club until further notice.

IJHS Welcomes Chemistry Club!

What is that cooking in the lab? It's the IJHS Chemistry Club!

Independence is excited to welcome our newest club, Chemistry Club. The purpose of this club is to enrich our science curriculum and to increase student awareness of the Scientific Method and collaborative teamwork. Chemistry Club will provide our students an opportunity to strengthen understanding of central chemistry concepts as they are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Participants in Chemistry Club will develop a better appreciation and understanding of the benefits of science through a series of hands-on activities designed to help students make real world connections. Students involved in Chemistry Club will also have an opportunity to participate in the "You Be the Chemist" academic competition later this Spring. It is designed to engage students in the study of important chemistry concepts, historical discoveries, and safety awareness topics.

Mrs. Rolla and Mrs. Woods are proud to be sponsoring this club, which will meet weekly after school. Please be on the look out for more information as it is made available.

May the (School) Spirit of the Holidays be with you and yours!
From The Staff of Independence Jr. High
IJHS Celebrates Veterans Day

To celebrate Veterans Day, Independence Junior High School welcomed over 80 veterans and their families to a breakfast and assembly in their honor. With the assistance of Mr. Scott Kelly, Chairman of the Palos Heights Veterans Commission, and the Shepard ROTC, and First Ward Alderman Donald Bylut, IJHS students and staff prepared a program dedicated to their service and sacrifice.

Originally known as Armistice Day, Veterans Day has been celebrated since November 11, 1918. We proudly continue that tradition here at IJHS. Our students and staff combine essays, poems, and artwork, which is inspired by our veterans, with beautiful selections from our choir and band to capture the appreciation we have for our veterans. During our presentation, the IJHS band played each of the five service medleys while all veterans stood to be recognized when their song was played.

Along with honoring those veterans present, our Student Council participated in a special procedure that organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars open their meetings. In paying tribute to those servicemen and women who are still missing or imprisoned, we draped a POW/MIA flag over an empty chair.

Our assembly concluded with the Palos Heights VFW presenting Student Council with a check to the non-profit organization, Salute Inc., located just outside of Chicago. The mission of Salute Inc. is to help meet the financial, physical, and emotional needs of our military service members, veterans, and their families. If you are interested learning more information about this organization, you can visit it online at www.saluteinc.org.

On behalf of the entire IJHS family, thank you to all of our veterans for your service in protecting our rights and freedoms.

USS Independence Museum

Independence Junior High School is proud to unveil our new USS Independence Museum! Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Ryan Mahoney and Mr. Andrew Janotta, we have collected numerous artifacts and memorabilia from the USS Independence. This fall, we found a new home for these pieces of history in our front lobby, located directly next to our Independence bell!

During your next visit to Independence Junior High, please take time to visit this showcase and learn about this historical Navy vessel, from it's inauguration to its decomission.


Independence is excited to announce that the IJHS MATH LAB will continue for this school year! This is a before school program offered to students for help in all levels of math. The MATH LAB can help with homework, reinforce a confusing topic, or help study for the big test.

There is no charge to students and Mrs. Rosynek, a certified Math teacher, will direct the MATH LAB. No reservations are needed, just stop by every Tuesday and/or Wednesday morning between 7:30 and 8:00am in Room 137. There is no district transportation available, so students must be dropped off or walk to school. Parents, please encourage your children to attend!

The program will start on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 7:30am.

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